In many cases, designers and manufacturers have grown apart. The industrial design profession has been diluted to superficial conceptual thinking about everything that needs designing. It has become a noncommitted occupation, leading to – with some excellent exceptions – innumerable useless products that increasingly add to our waste mountain.

The design ‘discipline’ increasingly seems like a fleeting expression of applied art for the individual, rather than a service to industry allowing for the production in series of products that are affordable and accessible to many.

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‘The design discipline has lost much of its disciplin’

In 2012, Ann was interviewed by editor Cécile Dornseiffen for Connecting the Dots Magazine.

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Ann Maes

innovative design manager, editor, lecturer, supervisor, curator and promotor of contemporary architecture & design

Find an interview with Ann in the special issue of Connecting the Dots Magazine for the 2013 Design Week Milan.